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How can I use a jar instead of aar with JSSDK in Android?

I have to use jar  due to some feature of  project ,but there is no way to download,so I am sorry that I separated the .aar file to .so and .jar.

But the .class file in jar has been deal with proguard,and the gradle show me the error "duplicate entry:p.class".

If I delete the p.class ,there are still some problem about "a.class" or somethine else.

How can I get SDK with "jar and so"?I want to buy it but I am worried about that it cannot be used in my project.


We only offer .aar files for our SDK products. If you need to convert this to .jar, maybe this stackoverflow thread helps:




Thanks ,

Yes,I know how to convert aar to jar,that is what I have do that.But there are lots of .class file does't have a package.So it lead a duplicate entry error.


We obfuscate our code and do not officially offer jar format. Please use latest IDE and add the library the way we recommend it in our SDK Sample application.

Best regards

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