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How to upload metadata to the target collection in one step?


I've uploaded all my images to the cloud's target collection. There are a lot of images in the collection. And I want to attach metadata to each target in collection. I have a big JSON object which contains array of metadata for each target in collection. 

How can I upload this JSON to the cloud and bind to the appropriate collection?

Hello Ilya,

Please refer to these sections on our documentation here and here regarding how to use metadata information with cloud recognition.



I don't see any solution in documentation. I only see a possibility to upload big JSON data as a metadata of collection. But I don't have access to the metadata of collection because when I recognize an image I get metadata of this target, but not of whole collection.

Do you have any suggestion? 

This is expected behaviour. If you work with Cloud Recognition, then only the metadata for the recognized image is returned.




So, the only way to upload metadata to each target in collection it's using and do it manually, right?

Or using this API request:

for each target in collection?


For uploading/adding metadata to a target image, you can either work with the targetmanager and add it manually. Or you can work with the Cloud API. The details on how you can define the metadata can be found in the Cloud Recogntion documentation that Eva shared earlier.




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