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Wikitude with Oracle MAF

Hey All,

Was hoping to get some help, i'm trying to add wikitude as a plugin to my Oracle MAF application but i'm getting errors such as 

/deploy/Android1/src/com/wikitude/phonegap/ error: package com.wikitude.architect does not exist

[04:30:12 PM] import com.wikitude.architect.ArchitectView;

The plugin i'm using is wikitude-cordova-plugin-master.

I've also attached the error log.

Any help would be much appreciated.


(35.8 KB)

Hi Ashley,

How did you add our Cordova plugin to your Oracle application? It seems that our wikitudesdk.aar file is not linked to your project.

Best regards,


Hey Andreas, I've added the cordova plugin through maf-application.xml plugin's section.

After some research i believe it's most likely a cordova problem. Oracle MAF supports Cordova 4.1.1 and is not user upgradable. Is there a workaround? It seems lower version of the wikitude cordova plugin give me errors like Similar Problem higher version give the above version to be accurate wikitude cordova v5 onwards.

Thanks Ashley

Hi Ashley,

Do you see our wikitudesdk.aar file somewhere in your project folder structure?

Best regards,


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