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WIKITUDE best uses...


i have try some experience with wikitude and i would like to know somme solutions...

I make video, 3D and geolocation with wikitude.

3D :  i uses different software : maya, blender, rhinoceros but the best render of reality is with Unity because light are better and we have better shade too.

But the problem (if i understand...) is that i can't mix in the same experience Unity and video ! and i can't use Unity and geolocation and video...

wich is the best software to have the best renderer if i want use geolocation and video and 3D???

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Hello Ced,

If you wish to have videos as augmented objects with Unity then you can use a Movie Texture from Unity to play a video. To trigger it based on image recognition, simply subscribe to the OnEnterFieldOfVision event in TrackableBehaviour and play the video when it is called.You also get the name of the target that was recognized as a parameter. For additional information, please see the documentation.

However, since Unity does not support GeoLocation features, if what you are looking for is better rendering result you can also try implementing this through an Input Plugin (such as Custom Camera). 



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