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Browsing POI Workflow in android studio

i'm new to programming so pardon me if my words aren't programmer-like. so like the title said, how's browsing poi workflow in android studio? what class do we need (according to wikitude's sample) to browse poi, do we give any inputs to the html file?


Please check the documentation on how to handle the altitude. Additionally you can check our forum to see other altitude related quesitons.




Hi again, Nicola,

thank you so much for the link you provided, i know i maybe asked too much question and my question is way out of the topic of the thread,  but i gotta ask this, why is poi that shown on my device didn't show according to its own altitude data (in the poi data i made there are some coordinate that nearly the same in aspect of longitude and latitude, but different altitude), so instead of showing poi according to altitude, it's just piling up all poi data in one altitude.
so my idea about this problem is to edit the javascript, but i don't know where to start.



Not sure why you would need the formula, but this is a standard distance calculation. You can find further details here




Hi Nicola,
thanks again for answering my question, i just realized that my question before were out of topic but thank you very much for answering, i got another question regarding method distanceToUser(), what calculation does distanceToUser method uses since wikitude javascript reference just explains:

Returns the shortest distance ("as the crow flies") to the current location of the user, ignoring any altitude property.
If the current position of the user cannot be determined, undefined will be returned.


and not the formula used to calculate the distance



This question sounds more like a question related on how to webservices than to any functionality of the Wikitude SDK. Please check public 'web-service' forums to find out details on how you can implement this.

If you work with our sample app, our tech documentation and do further investigations where you're not sure this should help you.




Hi Eva thanks for answering, i got another question about browsing poi via web service, in this line of code where we fetch an API from a web service

var ServerInformation = {
    // sample service returning dummy POIs

 if i create an API like this how do i declare the variable like the example shown above and how to call it on requestdatafromserver function?

Hello Muhammad,

I believe the best way for you to start is to first study our documentation section and then try with our sample code. For instance, if you are using Javascript then you can refer to the section here. Also, download our sample from the download page to study the code provided there.



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