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Unity iOS 10 App Crashes when opened

I am Unity3d Developer and am building iOS & Android Applications using Wikitude.

The problem is that my client bought an iPhone 7 (iOS 10 + ) and since that he is unable to open the Application which has the Wikitude camera part in crashes.

I even downloaded the latest wikitude but to no avail.

It still happens & the reason seems to be unknown is this a bug or is iOS 10+ not supported yet ?

Hello Norman,

We have included support for iOS 10 with our latest release, which is Wikitude SDK 5.3. Most likely you are receiving issues when you try to run the application with a device that supports iOS 10 because you have not rebuilt it. Have you tried to download our latest SDK version and rebuilt your app with this version?



The Latest version for Unity is 1.4.1 which I have already tried but it does not work.
5.3 is for the native platforms. Does Unity 1.4.1 not support iOS 10 yet ?

Hello Norman,

Our latest Unity plugin version is 1.4.1-1.3.0, which offers support for iOS 10 as well. When you downloaded this new version did you rebuild your whole application again? 

Have you tried with our sample app to see if it also crashes?



Yes we did download and even ran the sample app on iOS 10 but it still did not work.



One reason it might crash is that iOS 10 now requires you to set the camera usage description in your Xcode project in the Info.plist file. This is not something we can handle from our plugin, but you can find how to do it here, for example. 

If you've already done that and it still crashes, please post the error message or crash log that you are getting here. Also, please describe when the crash happens.

Thank you,


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