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target api cannot generate WTC file


I am trying to create a CMS to generate target with API manager (I have buy the license).

All working but when I try to generate wtc file isn't work.

- $tcResult = $api->generateTargetCollection($tcId); 

 return: {"status":"COMPLETED","inputParams":{"tcId":"58492e10efda932c1555832d"},"estimatedStart":1481190932472,"estimatedEnd":1481190937472,"estimatedLatency":5000,"tcId":"58492e10efda932c1555832d","generationId":"rkczAjLXx","created":1481190930472}

- now I use: $tcResult = $api->generateTargetWTC($tcId,$id_gen);

$tcid : 58492e10efda932c1555832d

$id_gen : rkczAjLXx


but it's return me that the generation_id is not found


this is link that I use:


- '/cloudrecognition/targetCollection/${TC_ID}/generation'


- '/cloudrecognition/targetCollection/${TC_ID}/generation/wtc/${GEN_ID}';

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