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Moving from Titanium 'Classic' to new Alloy Framework, can't get POI's to display

I decided to take the Published Wikitude Titanium Example from GITHUB and try to convert it from the Classic Titanium Approach to the Alloy approach of developing apps. I seem to have everything working EXCEPT the POI's I load into the arWindow don't ever show... I can see that they are loading, I can see the marker.js code running, I can see that the POI's generated are all near my location, but they don't show up on the screen (Android). I am using the 4_PointOfInterest_3_MultiplePois example to test. Once the window is loaded, I can see that the POI's are injected into the view because I can click on the 'info' button at the bottom centre of the page and it shows (10 places loaded). I am outputting the POI locations to the console to make sure they are close to me, but they just aren't showing up. I'm not sure if it is the path to the AR.ImageResource that might be causing this but do the AR functions emit any logging you can turn on or an error if not found? Just trying to figure out why I can't see the POIs that are being created.

Hi Ray,

we currently do not support Titanium Alloy.

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Hi, are you injecting your location to the wikitudeview?
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