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architectView.load problem


My backend code like that;

protected void onPostCreate( final Bundle savedInstanceState ) {

        super.onPostCreate( savedInstanceState );

        if ( this.architectView != null ) {

            // call mandatory live-cycle method of architectView

            try {
                // load content via url in architectView, ensure '<script src="architect://architect.js"></script>' is part of this HTML file, have a look at's developer section for API references

                this.architectView.load( "index.html" );

            } catch (Exception e1) {


 In the frontend index.html i am using the example of loading pois from local sources but i am getting to errors as given below. When i remove the line   this.architectView.load( "index.html" ) i am not getting these errors. So what could be the error? 

W/cr_BindingManager: Cannot call determinedVisibility() - never saw a connection for the pid: 17452

E/chromium: [] Failed to locate a binder for interface: autofill::mojom::AutofillDriver

Hi Andreas

I have solved the load problem. But i have 2 new problems.

Firstly I could not load the data with the script given below. Instead of this if i use jquery document.ready function i can load the poi data
AR.context.onLocationChanged = World.locationChanged;
Secondly after loading the poi data the markers is not shown in the screen. I use the load data from local source example.


Hi Andreas,

I have already put alerts on the javascript code. As I see i can load the locations but i can not show them. Could you give me your email i can send my code.


Hi Ersel,

Did you put some alerts in your locationChanged function to check whenever it is called? Could you attach the Safari Web View debugger to check if there are any JS error shown?

Did you try to build your very own little Architect World where you just try to draw an e.g. image at a certain geo location?

Does this help?

Best regards,


Hi Ersel,

Are your augmentations close around you or further away? Did you try to create a marker around you using a relative location?

I suggest that you start with a fresh and empty Architect World and add your desired functionality step by step. As a guidance you can use our examples, but you should not paste our example code but instead write it yourself.

Best regards,


I have  the problem and really help immediately


Hi Ersel,

I don't know this exact error message, but your path to the Architect World seems a bit short. Are you sure that there is a Architect World reachable with a relative path of `index.html`?

Best regards,


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