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Markers and Radar are not visible in ARView

Markers and Radar are not visible in ARView

Hello Wikitude Team,

In my PhoneGap application, I was using the Wikitude Cordova Plugin (5.1.1) and all features were working fine. Now I am updating my plugin to the latest on 5.1.3 version but we are facing some problem with the Wikitude plugin feature in IOS devices. The problem is :

When we load the Wikitude ARView in the app, All markers and radar are shown properly, but When we destroy all objects from the ARView using AR.context.destroyAll(); and after that when we again try to draw radar and makers on ARView, these objects are not visible on ARView. My app has the feature in which we need to clear all the  marker from the ARView and redraw the markers with some filters.

We are not getting any error and exception while rendering the radar and markers.

App Specification :

Cordova : 6.4.0

Cordova iOS : 4.3.0

Tested on iOS version : iOS 10.0.2, iOS 9.2.1

Please help me to solve the problem.


Hi Abhijeet,
Our latest version of the SDK is 5.3.0. Could you test it with this version?

Best regards,


Hello Andreas,

We used the latest version of Wikitude Cordova Plugins 5.3.0

The above version number is typo mistake. We are sorry for that.

hi Abhijeet,
Can you share a video or demo project with us so that we see/reproduce the issue? You can send it to

Best regards,

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