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Trigger Marker Selected Event inside Xamarin.iOS

Trigger Marker Selected Event inside Xamarin.iOS


I am using the wikitude sample "BrowsingPois_LimitingRange" (Sample 5.3) to run an iOS app in Xamarin.

When the Architect World is displayed, I want to trigger an event inside xamarin.iOS to know that a marker has been selected and retrieve the id of the POI. I know that i have to use "architectsdk:// ... " feature inside the Javascipt file, and the method WTArchitectViewDelegate.InvokedURL in the iOS side, but I can't figure how that could be done since I haven't found a detailed documentation about that.

Any help would be appreciated.


I believe that this tutorial will help you achieve what you describe. This is actually the sample 5.5 where a user can select a POI and display further information regarding this POI. You can alter the behaviour to whatever you wish, but the way you are suppose to use architectsdk is clear there.


Thanks a lot. That helped.

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