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Enable and disable button AR

Enable and disable button AR

Hi ..

I want to make something similar with ink hunter apps.

They have enable and disable button for AR.

when we disable AR, the object come to life in the screen.

We can also find this kind of button in the pokemon Go apps.

How to make disable AR button like this?

thank you


Hello Budi,

Could you please explain again what it is you wish to acomplish? What is your use case? What would you like to disable (for instance disable the animation of an object, etc) and you want to have after the disable.


Hi Eva, thank you for your reply.

I want to make an apps, similar like ink hunter.

please watch this video, to see how the button work. (enable or disable AR)

There is switch button, to enable or disable AR.

When we enable, is look usual AR . But when we disable AR, the object is on the screen without marker.

How to make this kind of button? is like snap to screen? or what? do you have any simple code for this

Thank you






Hi Budi,

Thanks for providing further information regarding your use case, since I understand know what it is you wish to accomplish. I would suggest that you try our Snap-2-Screen feature and see if this can be applied for your use case as well.

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