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AR Label display

AR Label display

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Is there a max number of displayable lables in an Architect view? I'm running in Android using the latest javascript api.  I've got multiple POIs which are created with three labels each, and switch between two and one being enabled with a button. If there are more than a few POIs loaded - seems to be about 30, some of the labels just won't display the text. I can inspect them in a remote debugger and they report being enabled, and having the correct text set.

Any ideas?

Hello Simon,

What we suggest as a maximum number of POIs diplaying on the screen is around 20-30, with one label per POI. We have seen that too many POIs on screen at the same time result in bad user experience as the user is overwhelmed by clutter. Since you have 30 POIs with 3 labels per POI then this is why you are missing some text, there is too much information that does not fit the screen.

What you could try and do is choose to hide some labels based on some criteria that you can choose (eg. distance). To achieve that, the ?enabled? flag should help. You can set "label.enabled = false? and it is no longer visible on the screen (but still in memory) so setting it true will let it reappear. 

I hope this helps

Hi Eva,

Thanks for your reply. I'm definitely not getting an issue where there is too much information that does not fit the screen.

I'll try and explain better.


I have a world that loads with about 40 POIs.

Each POI is made up of one image, and three lables, two of which are disabled at any one time.

A few of the last POIs to be loaded into the world are by themselves, away from any others, and can be alone on the screen.

These POIs have no text displayed in its label, even though I can remote debug and inspect them, and the label text is set, and the label is enabled.


The only difference between these two screenshots is the number of POIs that have been loaded (as you can see from the radar)

Label showing:

Lable not showing:
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