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Video in ios10 iPad fullscreen

Video in ios10 iPad fullscreen

I made an APP with XDK CORDOVA that displays a HTML5 page containing a video.
On IOS9 working correctly but on IPAD IOS10 the video opens in full screen.
If I open the same page in SAFARI BROWSER on IPAD the video you see properly inline and not in full screen.
I do watch the video in line also in the app.
I tried adding the PLUGIN INAPPBROWSER but nothing changes.

Has anyone had the same problem?

Hi Paolo,

Since our last update of Wikitude SDK 5.3 that supports iOS 10 there have been some issues regarding VideoDrawables. Our developer team is working on that and there should be a new release fixing these issues really soon. I will inform you when the new update will be released so that you can test again and see if this fixes your issue.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi Paolo,

Sorry about my late response! Another user posted a solution in this thread. In case you can wait a few more weeks, you can use the new public API of our SDK to change those settings without searching for the web view manually.

Best regards,


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