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ImageDrawable's onClick event is not triggered

ImageDrawable's onClick event is not triggered


I am encountering an issue on AR.ImageDrawable's onClick event. For some reasons, it is not triggering the said event when the image overlaid is tapped. This was working fine before. I updated from Wikitude 5.1.2 to 5.3 by the way. I doubt the update is the reason since I tested same code on 5.1.2 and it is not working still. Am I missing something? Please note that I'm using Wikitude JS SDK for iOS. I cannot add the snippet of my code coz' it's flagging my post as DENIED/SPAM.



Had this myself just recently.


Turned out it was a rogue <div> in the html that was covering the AR display, and so stopping the onClick from firing. Might not be your issue, but worth a check.
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