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Why is my AnimatedImageDrawable only rendering sometimes?

Why is my AnimatedImageDrawable only rendering sometimes?

I guess another thing to add is that I'm not really sure what my height should be in SDU for my AnimatedImageDrawable. It is 5 currently and I've messed with the value a couple times and nothing really seems to help.

I say sometimes but it appears very rarely. 

I am developing with the Android Javascript API and am adding a AnimatedImageDrawable to a GeoObject's array. Inside the array is a model I am rendering as well and that appears every time I run it. The only problem is the AnimatedImageDrawable object. I followed the examples carefully and just wish to know if this is some sort of bug. Because so far I have not found any examples of rendering a AnimatedImageDrawable with a GeoObject at a location. 


If you wish to look at my code its here on github.


I have a hunch about maybe what is happening. Is it because I'm not giving the AR experience enough time to load the animation? If so is there a way to just tell it to wait until everything is loaded?

Also, I've tried just rendering the AnimatedImageDrawable and even without the model rendering as well the animation still only renders sometime. 

Hi Bryant,
Changing the height shouldn't be an issue.
I assume you're using the latest version of the Wikitude SDK? Because with one of our latest releases, we fixed a problem where drawables might not be rendered.

I wrote an internal bug report for your issue. Can you give us any more information about how we can reproduce the issue?

Best regards,


Hello Andreas, I'm not really sure what happened but my animated image drawable is rendering every time now. I changed nothing and it just started working. It might be because I restarted my android phone. I say might because I've tried restarting it before just to see if it would do anything and it didn't fix it then. But recently my phone battery died and after recharging it overnight and powering it on it started working. It's a Galaxy S7 edge if that gives you any information. Please feel free to look at my source code if that helps in any way. 
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