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Full screen video on Android doesn't work

Full screen video on Android doesn't work


I'm working on an iOS and Android app that uses a common AR world for both and when I try to play a video in full screen, works on iOS, but in Android doesn't do anything and clicking a couple of times, finishes crashing... Part of the code in JS is below. Any idea?






        // image2 - video2.mp4.

        var video2 = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/video2.mp4", 1.1, {

             //offsetY: playButton.offsetY,

             zOrder: 1,

             onLoaded: function videoLoaded() {

                //Nothing to do.


             onPlaybackStarted: function videoPlaying() {


                video2.enabled = true;


             onFinishedPlaying: function videoFinished() {

                video2.playing = false;

                video2.enabled = false;


             onClick: function videoClicked() {


                AR.context.startVideoPlayer("assets/video2.mp4"); // Full screen.




We were running into same problems using AR.context.startVideoPlayer() under Android.
Sometimes video's sound was playing, but in most cases the app crashed without helpful log entry.
Same problem with AR.context.openInBrowser().

Hi Javier, Hi Hendrik,
Could you please send us links to the actual videos so that we can test with them? THX!

Best regards,

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