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How to add text and videos to Target when creating by api

How to add text and videos to Target when creating by api

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I am new to wikitude, I was reading the api documentation and I couldn't undrestand how can I add text, image, video , ... to a target image by api

Or maybe I shoudln't, the reason that I taught I should be able is that when using studio.wikitude or targetmanager.wikitude you add all of teh texts and videos and 3d objects there and then you download a wtc file.

I would appreciate if somebody gives me some hints.



Hi Reza,

In order for me to be able to direct you correctly, could you please tell me first of all which product you are using? In addition, can you tell me what it is exactly that you want to do. Our documentation has exact and clear steps that you should follow in order to start developing your own app. In addition, you can download our samples and have a look at how our code there.



Hi Eva

Thanks for response, actually I am currently downloded the demo app and it's working fine, using SDK + Cordova, and also I have created a project in studio.wikitude and it's working fine with demo app by entering the url address.

I am going to create a dynamic app. which images will be uploaded by mobile app and texts and videos should be added there too, think about it as something like studio.wikitude but on mobile app, so I read the docs and see that there is REST api for creating Tragets and Collections which is great, but I don't know how should I add videos and texts on target by api.


Hi Eva


I was wondering if my description in reply is clear or I need to elaborate more...

We are trying to do the same thing, we want to insert a video using the API call:{tcId}/targets. It seems to create the image Ok, but doesn't insert the video.


I'm sorry to tell you that adding augmentations to a target via the API is currently not officially supported.



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