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Cloud recognition

Cloud recognition



I am Martin. Thanks for reading my post. I have a question regarding cloud recognition.


I am sorry if my English is a bit rusty or my programming skills even rustier or non- excistent :)


I want to create a database of targets which are recognised by cloud recognition. I have created an account, started trial cloud database, opened the example (wine, continuous recognition example), filled in the correct API and client cloud codes, changed the interface, but I have a problem.

Instead of the wine images, my images are recognised, so that is working (the eye is showing). But how can I make sure that which image in the cloud calls which action? So image 1 shows object or video 1 and image 2 / another image shows object / video 2. I know that is why I have to add metadata to my image files. That I did. But how do I program that into the code?

I use the latest version of Unity and code in C btw.


Thanks in advance!!








Hi Martin,

If you are a beginner in programming then coding using Native API (Unity is based on Native SDK). What I would suggest is that you have a look on our samples on Javascript API and try and include parts of the code to your app.

If you still have troubles then please, let us know.


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