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Display poi Betwen 2xx meter to 1xxxx meter

Display poi Betwen 2xx meter to 1xxxx meter

Hi there,

I suggest you follow this forum post and apply the information provided there.

Sorry, im typo. Im done for define like thar. Like your example. But still not working. Only that? Or have another function?
Its define only on file nativedetailscreen.js? Right?


You would need to define it like that

AR.context.scene.minScalingDistance = 200;


i want to display POI between 200 meter to maxRangeValue

I have POI 100 meter POI should it not appear. but here appears 

i SetAR.scene.minScalingDistance = 200;  on nativedetailscreen.js, but its not Working


Can you help me? 

Thank You
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