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Display poi Betwen 2xx meter to 1xxxx meter

Display poi Betwen 2xx meter to 1xxxx meter

i want to display POI between 200 meter to maxRangeValue

I have POI 100 meter POI should it not appear. but here appears 

i SetAR.scene.minScalingDistance = 200;  on nativedetailscreen.js, but its not Working


Can you help me? 

Thank You


You would need to define it like that

AR.context.scene.minScalingDistance = 200;

Sorry, im typo. Im done for define like thar. Like your example. But still not working. Only that? Or have another function?
Its define only on file nativedetailscreen.js? Right?

Hi there,

I suggest you follow this forum post and apply the information provided there.

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