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Culling distance and 3D models

Culling distance and 3D models

Hello there,

my question is quite simple. I want to try the sample "Browsing Pois > Limit Range" but instead of 2D objects I want to have 3D objects. I believe I've made the changes required, but what I found troubled me. It seems that the AR.context.scene.cullingDistance does not affect rendering of 3D models. By adjusting the culling distance I can make 2D models appear and disappear, but 3D models appear no matter what. Does that mean that 3D objects are not affected by cullingDistance?


Thank you for highlighting this issue.

We scheduled this fix for an upcoming SDK update.
I can't promise timeline at this point in time but recommend to use the enabled flag to disable object programmatically.
have a look at the distanceToUser function - you may trigger this check and disable the related AR.GeoObject.

Best regards,

Thanks you Andreas, that is what I decided to do until I got a reply from you. Seems to be a workaround.
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