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The 3d model rendering on the target image unstable (jumping).

The 3d model rendering on the target image unstable (jumping).

I using the latest version SDK implement on the Andorid. I see the 3d model when rendering on the target image quality not satisfy. The 3d model unstable and jumping. I see the old post said that is relate the target image star. But I never see the 3 star on my target management site.

Hi Matt,

 Could you please send your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally or a video demonstrating this behaviour?


I already attached the source and video by email. Please response me ASAP. Thanks

Hello Eva . Any news of the investigation. Please let me know the processing. Thanks

Hello Matt,

I tried to reach out through email but kept receiving failure notification. Can you please send the files at


Dear Eva. I already send to Please take a look. And can you help me to optimisation the target image. Thanks


If you are facing problems with 3D models that are not that stable then these are some things you should have in mind:

1. The size of the 3D model is affecting the behaviour. So, if you are having a model that is too big, in terms of dimensions or size or both, then you may experience such issues.

2. The position of the 3D model. if the 3D model is set in a total horizontal position and far away from the target image then this can also cause jumping problems.


Dear Eva

I am follow your suggestion and update the model size to testing by seem not very effective. And the other problem on memory and crach problem. capture screen attached. Should I create the new post to following. Thanks


The error message you'll get seems to have something to do with an unimplmented method and not with the 3D model directly. Please fix this exception before investigation of any further 3D related issues.


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