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Architect package v 1.4.0

Architect package v 1.4.0

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we included today the latest Wikitude SDK. I?m speaking about native library for Android (sdk v 1.4.0).
When I compile and try to run the project in Android Studio I get this error (with the previous SDK everything were working fine):


                package com.wikitude.architect does not exist


I took a look into the SDK but I can?t find out the architect package.
Anyone know if it is missing or I have to change the package to any other in order to include its classes?


Any idea please?


Hi Fabrizio,

i just checked the native SDK package version 1.4 and i could not find any menton of "architect".
Could it be that you are using the wikitudesdk.aar file from the JS SDK?
If this is not the case you could run "grep -r architect project_path" in your terminal to see where the package is being used.

Best regards,
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