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Will Wikitude work for us?

Will Wikitude work for us?
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Hi there, we have some questions about Wiki* and its suitability for us. Let me describe our use case.

Lets say Adam is a user of our app/editor. Adam wants to set up an experience for Betty, like a treasure hunt.

Adam scans a couple of images around his environment and assigns each of those trigger images a result like a piece of video, audio, 3d object etc.

Adam hands his mobile to Betty and she runs around trying to find these triggers. Great!

Behind the scenes as developers we need to :

1. Store the images Adam scans locally.

2. Store the result Adam wants to show Betty (video, audio etc), locally. (We will write the DB and handle this ourselves).

3. Do all this offline ideally.

4. We need to add some extra requirements to the mix, eg: Perhaps the images must be recognised in order, or at a certain time etc,  so in Unity we will decide if the precursors have been met and either play results or not.

5. We will do this in Unity.


I hope this is clear, if not please ask me questions in return!



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