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Build Errors Right Off the Bat?

Build Errors Right Off the Bat?

Hi, I am very very new to iOS development but not to programming.  I am trying to build an app using the Wikitude iOS JavaScript SDK but can't even seem to get off the ground.  I can follow the setup guide up until the point where we have added all of the required frameworks and set the -ObjC linker flag.  At this point I try to run the build and get a bunch of errors.  

Even if I try to continue with the guide the next part says: "Since the Wikitude SDK is a Framework, the header import should look like this: #import <*FrameworkName*/*HeaderFile.h*>. This import is typically done in the UIViewController subclass which manages the WTArchitectView instance."  Now, I cannot find the UIViewController class ANYWHERE.  Any forums that describe where to add it seem to be outdated as it seems that Apple changes stuff around a lot.  :(

If you could help me in regards to the build error problem (is this normal at this point in the setup?) and where to find the UIViewController that would be great..

I'm using the most recent version of XCode & the Wikitude SDK sice I've only recently downloaded it!

Hi Christine,

In order to find the UIViewController subclass you need to direct to xcode. Maybe the following thread could help you.

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