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disable 3d model scale

disable 3d model scale

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i want to disable 3d Ar.Model scale , i tried everything, but if i use:
















nothing happened with ar.model, nor labels, circles  or images. With a) example, labels, circles, images dont scale (what i want to do), but 3d model, scales and when i am 1 m to obj the 3d obj it becames so small. I always want to see 3d model the same distance. All of these in Geo not in Relative.



Hi Adrian,

I am sorry but I do not exactly understand what you want to achieve with your use case. Do you want to set your own scale? Could you please send over your use case in more details?

Nono! I want to always keep 3D model object scale.
I want to disable like I did with labels, circles and images
But with scalingFactor =1 the object still scales
Keep the original model scale always! So the object distance not affect the model size. I made it with labels and images but. It dont worked for 3d models

please any help will be great!

The scaling of 3D models is realtive to the target. That is, the smaller the target, the smaller the augmented 3D model. 

If you want another scaling - in your case, which is independent of the distance - you can do this by directly setting the scale of the 3D model by a value which is relative to the distance to target. 

You can obtain the distance-to-target from the function distanceToTarget.onDistanceChanged of the Trackable2DObject  (see
We are talking always by geo position poi ? No to 2d traking. I am using a 3D ar.model like poi!

Is there any new property by which we can disable the auto 3D Model scale?

I want to keep static size for all the distance.  

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How can it be achieved in InstantTrackable?


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