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iOS 10 and the Wikitude App

iOS 10 and the Wikitude App

Hi Eva,

It is on an iPad Air 2, in french.



Sorry, i cannot see the security permissions, there is no image with the permissions.

Please Help me.

Thank you.
Sorry, but i don't see any security permissions!

Could you help me with the security permissions?


Thank you

Hi Eva,

Did you have the time to check the problem with the white page ? 

Also we have another (quite annoying) bug when we load a world from wikitude studio beta via the qr code, see screenshot below (also on a french ipad air 2 with ios 10). Of course the wikitude app is up-to-date. This happens 9 times over 10 and make the wikitude app impossible to use in our context :(

The wikitude app is really central to our prototyping process, if you could fix all the bugs that appeared with ios 10 that would be great !

Thanks :-)


Hi Eva,

Could you put that picture of the permissions up again?

It is showing up as blank for me


Same here - no photo for the permissions.....

Hi Daniel,

Please make sure, that within your index.html, you have the following security permissions set:

These are newly required for iOS 10.
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