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iOS 10 and the Wikitude App

iOS 10 and the Wikitude App

Hi Daniel,

Since the Wikitude app is upgraded for iOS and confirmed that it is now working, did you make sure to download the updated app?


Since the iOS 10 update (on iPad), I have this problem on the WikitudeApp : all the pages (demos, help, about, developper) are white / empty.

See the screenshot below.

That would be really cool to have a fully functionnal Wikitude App on iOS soon as we are using this app to do some demo to our customers nowadays! 



A. Belin.



I updated to the last plugin, in fact i got this warning when i nulidad the App. Please help me.

Hello Amaury,

Could you please tell me on which devices you have this issue?


Hi Eva,

It is on an iPad Air 2, in french.



Sorry, i cannot see the security permissions, there is no image with the permissions.

Please Help me.

Thank you.
Sorry, but i don't see any security permissions!

Could you help me with the security permissions?


Thank you
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