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iOS 10 and the Wikitude App

iOS 10 and the Wikitude App

Hi Eva,

Did you have the time to check the problem with the white page ? 

Also we have another (quite annoying) bug when we load a world from wikitude studio beta via the qr code, see screenshot below (also on a french ipad air 2 with ios 10). Of course the wikitude app is up-to-date. This happens 9 times over 10 and make the wikitude app impossible to use in our context :(

The wikitude app is really central to our prototyping process, if you could fix all the bugs that appeared with ios 10 that would be great !

Thanks :-)


Hi Eva,

Could you put that picture of the permissions up again?

It is showing up as blank for me


Same here - no photo for the permissions.....

Hi Daniel,

Please make sure, that within your index.html, you have the following security permissions set:

These are newly required for iOS 10.

Thank you for all your comments on the upgrade of the Wikitude app. 


Firstly, we would like to apologize for any inconvinience you had with the Wikitude app. We understand how important this is and that many users rely on the Wikitude app for their AR experiences. 


Our development team is currently working on this upgrade which should be available latest by the second week of October. Quality assurance and app submission to the store will determine how fast a public release will be available.


Wikitude proudly released an SDK update with support for iOS 10 and Android 7.0 the day these updates came out, ensuring all apps would perform flawlessly with these OS updates. 


Once again we apologize for any inconvenience and as soon as the Wikitude app is available we will inform all relevant customers via our forum and social media.




Upgraded to ios 10 on my iPhone 5 yesterday and found that the Wikitude App does not work anymore - just a black screen when looking for an poi. Poi shows up on my ipad which is running ios 9. 

Any ideas or does anyone else have this problem with ios 10 and the Wikitude App?   


Hi Phil,

We are already aware of this issue and it happens because we have not upgraded the Wikitude app yet. This is something that we will provide pretty soon and there will be an announcement as well.


the same problem,!

Any timeline on this? I had an event last weekend ( where half the people with iPhones couldn't participate. iOS10 adoption rate is higher than I thought. I am holding off on other activities for now...
Got an update today. Claims iOS compatibility. Now I will have to install iOS 10 and find out!
Early returns are in. Works under previous OS. Works under iOS10. Good work, team.

Works on IPhone 5 with IOS 10  -  great!  Used Metaio before Apple bought them out. Hope they do not buy Wikitude out.  Thanks again!


Hello everyone,

I wanted to inform you that the Wikitude app should be fixed now and ready to use it. We kindly ask you to do the app update.Apologies for any inconvenience.



I have the same problem with IOS 10 and iphone 6. I already had my project working and now it doesn't work. I have already updated the cordova wikitude plugin in the project and nothing happened, in fact when a run the app in my iphone and then go to the ios configuration to see the app permisions, it does'nt show the camera permission.

I'm getting crazy with it, because i need to show the app tomorrow.

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