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Enable and disable Trackable2DObject in runtime

Enable and disable Trackable2DObject in runtime

hi i'm trying to enable and disable Trackable2DObject in runtime but I can't. Can you help me? 

This is my code:


var global_enabled = true;

var World = {


  var page3 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "page3", {

    enabled : global_enabled,

    drawables: { cam: this.overlayOne },




//external button change the variable "global_enabled" 

function toggle_enabled(){

    global_enabled = ! global_enabled;




in order to change the enabled state of your Trackable2DObject at runtime you will need to set the enabled property.

Changing the global_enabled variable does not have any effect, as it is only used when initializing the object.

I believe the following snippet should work for your case:


var page3;

var World = {

  page3 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "page3", {

    enabled : true,

    drawables: { cam: this.overlayOne }




function toggle_enabled() {

  if (page3.enabled) {

    page3.enabled = false;

  } else {

    page3.enabled = true;





DISCLAIMER: I did not test this nor am I particularly well versed in JavasScript, but I believe this should get the point across.



Kind reagrds

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