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Problem with architectView.setLocation

Problem with architectView.setLocation

Hello, I have a problem with Javascript Android SDK

When I enter for the first time wikitude (or after some days), wikitude don't update location with (architectView.setLocation) hen i close the app and open again, all work ok.

I have a breakpoint in setLocation and the first time and following through here.

I have also in the LocationChanged function to write a text on the screen and the first time it doesn't work.


Any idea??


Please have a look at the sample applications and how location is set there.
Most likely you're setting the location before the AR view launch finished so it gets lost.

Speaking of LocationProviders, please also check GooglePlay Service's Location Service, which offer very accurate location fetching features.

Best regards,

Hello again,


The first time I use the application, architectView.setLocation  does not work.


I update location every second I have a log before the method and in LocationChanged  function of js have a updateStatusMessage.


When install the application and open it I can see the log but function js LocationChanged is not executed. I close the application and go back open and everything works ok.


Any suggestions?

This sounds like a life cycle issue.
Please have a look at the SDK Sample application implementation.

Best regards

After many days I found the problem.

In onCreate I open other activity with a message, but this message only appear once a day....


It was driving me crazy


very thx

Hello Juan Luis , 

I have a problem where my application doesn't detect the user's location, could you please show me how did you implement it?

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