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Wikitude SDK with iOS (any possibilities of using Swift)?

Wikitude SDK with iOS (any possibilities of using Swift)?

Hey Hazzaldo, 

Is your project public? Do you have anything you can share in terms of the setup using Swift? 

Thank you

 Hello all,

I wanted to let you know that with our new SDK 7 we have included Swift support. You can find more information on "How to use the Wikitude Native SDK in Swift" in this documentation section. You can also download the Native SDK 7 from our Download page that contains Swift example.


Hi, do you have any update on Swift? I setup architectView but I cannot call JS from it? If you know something, please advice. Thanks in advance!

Dear lovely Wikitude team,

Thank you for providing us with your wonderful SDK, which I'm just setting up and getting grips with right now. I'm an iOS developer myself, however I started to learn round about the time when Swfit language just arrived on the scene, and to be honest it's a lot better than Obj-C and it will be used as the main language for iOS development going forward (as far as I know). I believe a lot of Obj-C code is becoming deprecated. So is there any possibility that the Native API can works with iOS using Swift rather than Obj-C? 

Even upon downloading the JS API to use with iOS, I found all the example apps are written in Obj-C instead of Swift, which is a shame because I'm not familiar with the old Obj-C and it will be a bit of a sluggish start for me to get going. Providing those same examples in Swift language would be really ideal, dare I say wishful thinking. 

Otherwise any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

No problem Eva. I managed to get things sorted and setup. 

Many thanks

I am afraid that Swift support is still not on our roadmap.



Hello Hazzaldo,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Unfortunately, offering Swift support is not something that we currently have on our roadmap but we do have it on our future list. However, I cannot give you any specific deadlines. Please refer to the forum post here to see if the information provided there helps you with the Swift support.

Thanks, Eva
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