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Call javascript is not working from native android

Call javascript is not working from native android

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Hi Team,

I have created a new sample application using Wikitude SDK to render the Nearest POI's. The application is created in native android and the back end is written in JavaScript since the POI feature is available only in android JavaScript. Everything is working fine as expected except the JavaScript calling part. I need to call a javascript function in the server side from the native side.Unfortunately it is not working. I have gone through all the forums and documents available in wikitude sdk. I have attached my sample code along with this. Can you please verify the same.



- Regards


Sujith C R


Hi Sujith,
I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly. Are you asking how to call a JavaScript function inside your Architect World from the hosting Java application? for that we have a method called 'callJavaScript'. It takes a string containing the code you want to evaluate in the context of the current Architect World. You will find examples for this method throughout our SDK example application.

I'm unable to download/open you sample code. please verify that the file is accessible and not corrupted.

Best regards,

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