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Supported HTML5/JS/CSS framework

Supported HTML5/JS/CSS framework


Question 1: I'd like to know if you could share example list HTML5/JS/CSS framework (such as Material UI, React Native, Angular 1 or 2, Onesen, etc.) that can work with Wikitude iOS/Android JS SDK please?

So far I've been using JQuery/JQuery Mobile as suggesed in your tutorials, but I'd like to switch to a more recent framework.


Question 2: When a project is loaded by AR World, can files MUST only be in assets,js,css,jquery sub-folder? Or can any another folder be referenced by the index.html. The example is the following: I have installed web components using bower and I end up with the following folder structure:

- assets/
- js/
- css/
- jquery/
- bower_components/
- index.html

--> The issue is that when web components are in the bower_components folder, they are not loaded by the index.html



HI Yannick,

1) We don't have such a list. In general you can use any library you want. Architect Worlds are loaded within a iOS/Android web view and whatever works in the web view will work with our SDK. You can't manipulate AR.Drawables but for anything else it should be fine.

2) That's just the folder structure we use for our examples. Everything that is valid for iOS/Android web views is fine for Architect Worlds as well. Our JS library is anyhow provided by the SDK directly, so go ahead and use the structure you mentioned.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards,

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