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Problem with Client Recognition

Problem with Client Recognition


I'm using the demo of the Wikitude SDK for Android and I created a new .wtc. The strange thing is that the example n.1 "Image On Target" is working well but when I try the example n.4 "Interactivity" it doesn't work and I get the error "E/BufferQueueProducer: dequeueBuffer: min undequeued buffer count (2) exceeded (dequeued=5 undequeued=1)"... I'm not able to understand why.... Thank you  in advance....


Hi Roberto,

 Could you please send your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally?


Thank you for the fast reply.

I'm using your Wikitude SDK and I only substitute the wtc. You will find it in the attachment.


Hi Roberto,

Did you check if you also changed the name regarding which target to use for the augmentation? For example, in the sample code we specify pageOne

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {

drawables: {





So you should have something like appalo or leap. If the problem still remains then please send over your whole AR experience with all the files and assets in there.


Thank you

Hi Eva,

great !

It works... Let me tell you that you are the most efficient factory I have ever met. Fast in replying and accurate in the answers. Thank you a lot.

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