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Cannot load AR View from a local file

Cannot load AR View from a local file

I'm integrating caching into my application (phonegap) and am having trouble using world files residing in directories outside of the app bundle. This applies to both the Library and Cache directories. 

Here is the error I receive upon load : "Loading AR web view failed: Unable to determine the url to load: file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/<uuid>/tmp/<id>.html"


These also fail - 


This appears to be a similar problem to

Can you tell me if my filepaths are in the correct format? Can the loadARchitectWorld even access files outside of the app bundle? What are my options for caching assets (3d drawables, in this case)?

Hi Devin,
With our latest Cordova plugin release, we added support for the Cordova File API. With that you should be able to load an Architect World from the Library or Caches directory.

Please refer to our example application for more detail on how to use the Cordova File API in combination with our SDK.

Best regards,


Thank you Andreas! I've updated the SDK and am now able to use the cache directory. I'll subscribe to the wikitude-cordova-plugin-samples repository to better keep an eye on updates.


Nice! It's always good to read that updates fix problems :)
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