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Keyboard does not appear after using <select>

Keyboard does not appear after using

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I'm developing an Android App using phonegaps plugin.

In some momento, I need the user to fill a <form>, containing text <input>s and a <select>.

Everything works fine until I select something in the <select>. After that, focusing an input does not call the keyboard.

Things I've tried: 1 - Inserting the form insid a Jquery Panel;

                           2 - Inserting the form in a html file, and loading it in a panel using Jquery load() function;

                           3 - Closing Ar World with wikitudePlugin.close(), and calling the html form with and window.location.href

                          Nothing Works. However, if I call the form html BEFORE starting an Ar World, it Works.

I'm using Cordova 6.3.0.


Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

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