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OnEnterFieldOfVision is called but models don't show?

OnEnterFieldOfVision is called but models don't show?

Hi there 

In the Unity demo examples, and in my own project quite quickly tracking seems to get corrupted, and my models don't show any more even though OnEnterFieldOfVision and OnExtendedTrackingQualityChanged is called?

Anyone have any ideas? Are the Trackable GamObjects and my child models still there but moved location or just not being activated for some reason?  

I'm using 2D image markers downloaded as .wtc file with 3d models as child objects in Trackable GamObjects.



Does this happen in a clean version of the example project? And can you please provide more information about the device you are testing on and what exactly is happening? By corrupted do you mean that the tracking is lost easily and never recovers, or that the augmentations are jittery, or they appear and disappear constantly?

Thank you,
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