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how to get a high quality target image?

how to get a high quality target image?

Got it. I missed Best Practice For Target Images page before. I suggest adding a link to this page in Target Management page.

With scaling down - you actually mean to reduce the dimensions? How big would it then be? Generally the best is to have the size between 500-1000px both directions.



Thanks for your quick response, Nicola, both my questions today.

Yes I've already tried with my 1 star images and it is working, and I've got your suggestion of improvement. One more question: how is the scaling affecting the star rating? For example, is it preferred to retain the original logo image or scale it half size?


The pictures are very dark - and the second one has a glare and it's shiny - if the glare would be on another place when you scan it might not work. In the first image where the complete cup is displayed - only a small portion of the image should actually be used as target - the rest can be cut off - so you should try to only work with the logos. If you have the logos which are printed on the cup also already in a digital form you can try to upload this instead of an actual picture of the cup.

Also images with 1 start might work - did you try already if one these work.

I hope this helps. Greetings


I uploaded several photos taken from camera but all of them get rating no more than 1 star. I've read the guide regarding image rating, but still not clear how does a high quality target image look like.

For example, I want to recognize a cup and I've tried both the entire cup and the distinguising logo on it(see attachments), but they are both rated 1 star.

How can I get a high rating?
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