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geo located object following the camera

geo located object following the camera

I've setup the sample app and checked geolocation samples, e.g. 4.1 POI AT LOCATION. It's cool. However, I found that the poi is not staying at its position. One case is that when the poi is in vision and I drive the camera away, the poi will follow the camera for a distance and float back to its original position.

Is it intended? Is it brought up by hardware performance? Can I make it stay in position all the time?

Hi Jack,

This happens when the compass values are not accurate enough. The SDK depends on the values returned from the system and if these valures are off or e.g. 'Jump' then these will be passed on. So e.g. if you try very near metal, the POIs might jump and move a lot, as the metal interfears with the compass.

I hope this helps. Greetings

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