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Compass heading inaccuracies

Compass heading inaccuracies
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We're developing an application that displays points of interest around the user. Unfortunately, the compass heading is substantially out more often than not, and the very long lines of sight at the location make the variation very obvious. For example, a point at 20 meters is acceptably accurate, but at 5km the point is out by 100s of meters. We have tried calibrating our compass in many different ways, and can't get accurate results consistently.

We are building the application using the iOS Javascript API SDK version 5.1.4.

Can you suggest how we can improve the accuracy of the heading, and answer a few questions please?

Is the heading using magnetic or true north?

Is there a way to read the heading value?

Is there a way to edit/override the heading value?

Is an option to inject a heading from a custom location manager planned?

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