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Encoding fbx failed

Encoding fbx failed

The same problem mean, that your fbx files cause an error on Windows 7, but can be imported on MacOSX or Windows. Did you try that?

Do your fbx files render correctly with FBX Reviewer?

I met the same problem.Do you have a solution?

Can you start the encoder from the command line so that we can get an idea where things go wrong?

I'm not sure if we can resolve your problems. Therefore I would recommend to just try a different computer/OS.

I am using latest on Win7. Please see attachment for error cap.


Thanks for the files.

However, I cannot see any problems with them. Opening the files with Wikitude3dEncoder 1.4 (MacOS or Windows) imports and renders the models without problems. There are just some warnings about textures missing. 

Which version of the encoder are you using and which platform are working on?

Please see attachments.




Could you sent over the fbx file so that we can have a look at it?

Thanks for your reply Eva. Yes I am using latest encoder.

I got fbx files from TurboSquid. They have a lot of 3d models that I can download.

so far every fbx I downloaded from their site give an error when import.

Hello Li,

You could follow the instructions here on how to export your fbx file to wt3 using our Wikitude Encoder. Please make sure you are using our latest version of the encoder.


I tried to encode fbx to wt3 but it is gaving "failed".

Is there any limit on encoding fbx to wt3?

Here is the error I got "No GP bundle file was created"


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