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3d model drag, rotate, scale.

3d model drag, rotate, scale.


I am working with wikitude cordova plugin and I have done 80% of my application using your scan features but now what I need to achieve is I want to show a 3D model without scanning and change its position, scaling, rotation and dragging like the one in the link below. I have tried all the examples related to 3D like snap to screen, relative location, geo location and all but I am unable to achieve it. Please tell me how can i achieve this. I have been looking for this for a long time.


I would recommend that you use Unity plugin in order to achieve part of the functionality you describe, regarding rotating the 3D model. In addition, you should wait for the newest release of Unity plugin, which will be out soon, and then you will be able to develop your app and enrich it exactly as you described.

I have bought the Android and iOS sdks. Do I need to buy the unity sdk also for this?

No, you can download it directly and for free from this page


Thanks Eva for the quick response :)
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