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Duplicate symbols

Duplicate symbols

Also removed unzip.o from armv7 and arm64 x86_64 for libCardboardSDK_{architecutre}.a as building for the simulator complained about duplicate symbols. Removing both json_value.o and unzip.o removed any duplicate symbol warnings however the same crash still occurs. 

I've written a script which is removing all the duplicate libraries I can see that are common to WikiTude and GVRSDK. App compiles properly but at runtime I still get errors thrown by the GVRSDK when trying to render a video frame. Removing WikiTude fixed the issue. I'm removing the following libraries. 

lodepng.o json_value.o unzip.o sha256.o hmac.o

I also tried running the same script on Wikitude (exluding lodepng which I know Wikitude has customized) however if I do this then Wikitude refuses to compile. 




# START (run as sudo)


REMOVE="lodepng.o json_value.o unzip.o sha256.o hmac.o"


echo "Removing $REMOVE"


cd Pods/GVRSDK/Libraries



# Look inside 

# ar -t libCardboardSDK_arm64.a

# @returns big list of .o


# Extract files into new folder

mkdir libCardboardSDK_arm64-extracted

cd libCardboardSDK_arm64-extracted

ar -x ../libCardboardSDK_arm64.a


# Remove problematic .o files

rm -rf $REMOVE


# Remove original library

rm -rf ../libCardboardSDK_arm64.a


# Repackage

libtool  -static *.o -o ../libCardboardSDK_arm64.a

cd ../


# Cleanup

rm -rf libCardboardSDK_arm64-extracted


# Back to root





# Repeated process for armv7

mkdir libCardboardSDK_armv7-extracted

cd libCardboardSDK_armv7-extracted

ar -x ../libCardboardSDK_armv7.a

rm -rf $REMOVE

rm -rf ../libCardboardSDK_armv7.a

libtool  -static *.o -o ../libCardboardSDK_armv7.a

cd ../

rm -rf libCardboardSDK_armv7-extracted


# Repeated process for i386

mkdir libCardboardSDK_i386-extracted

cd libCardboardSDK_i386-extracted

ar -x ../libCardboardSDK_i386.a

rm -rf $REMOVE

rm -rf ../libCardboardSDK_i386.a

libtool  -static *.o -o ../libCardboardSDK_i386.a

cd ../

rm -rf libCardboardSDK_i386-extracted


# Repeated process for x86_64

mkdir libCardboardSDK_x86_64-extracted

cd libCardboardSDK_x86_64-extracted

ar -x ../libCardboardSDK_x86_64.a

rm -rf $REMOVE

rm -rf ../libCardboardSDK_x86_64.a

libtool  -static *.o -o ../libCardboardSDK_x86_64.a

cd ../

rm -rf libCardboardSDK_x86_64-extracted



Hi Andrew,
Do you know with which version of libpng teh GVRSDK was build?


Best regards,

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