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Problem android studio with wikitude sdk

Problem android studio with wikitude sdk

i try to research document and open source code about  wikitude navite and javascript android example.but I get the wrong example of my desired. All the examples you give are fighting the banner containing the assets AR.ImageDrawable inside. so it is not flexible.

How will I be able to scan one image, and the image on the object (eg text, image) can display images that are always on, but in the demo, when I download kiwitude from your app creates gas, go to the developer. account login and select the target that I just created in the image scan exam objects appear, how can I do so with my application. thanks

No everyone help me, please!

Hi Ethan,

I am so sorry but I cannot exactly understand what it is that you wish to achieve. You are using wikitude studio and would like to refer to a simple documentation showing you how you can upload target images and add augmentations?

Hi Eva.

I mean is how i can to get the Augmentations in an target image ( i call this target image is DemoWiki) when i use my camera in my project within wikitude sdk to scan DemoWiki, if it correctly then the Augmentations will show above DemoWiki. Because all examples of you give me in WikitudeSDK_Android_5-1-4_2016-03-14_14-50-48 zip file don't guide these, the examples guide me the Augmentations in localy device, not in cloud. Please tell me how i get the Augmentations within the target image in cloud.

how i can to get 2 Augmentatios in this picture when i scan , thanks

Hello Ethan,

So you have already added your image target and you have also added the augmentation you wish to have (such as the two images you are mentioning). The next step would be for you to see how the project you created behaves. In order to see how you can do that then I would suggest you follow the link here and search for the Preview Your Studio Project And Test on Your Device for full instructions.


Thank you very much. 

 So i have a question about AR.CloudTracker() API

in AR.CloudTracker() API how much Target Collection Id i can to add to AR.CloudTracker() API, if just one, then how can to add more Target Collection Id in AR.CloudTracker() API

thanks you very much!

Hello Ethan,

My colleague Nicola already replied to you through email so I assume your question is solved. In the future, I would like to ask you to remain to one support channel. If you have any other issues you can always create a new forum topic (with the related title) and post them there.


Hello Eva,

Yes , i reviced Nicola's email, he helped me, thanks 


I run my app and i received  a error :E/Web Console: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at null:1 ,

Please tell me what is it mean and tell me a way to fix it, thank alot.

Hello Ethan,

The best way for you to start is to refer to our set up guide documentation and follow the instructions there step by step.

I hope this help.
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