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How to make label apper on top of a model

How to make label apper on top of a model

I have a model at a specific geo location, and a label to the same location. When creating the geo object I put the model and the label in the cam array. But the model is always drawn on top of the label. To my understanding the model does not have the zOrder property, however I tryed using it anyway and it didnt work. :)

For the label I put the offsetY: -0.8. and the zOrder: 1.If the model is far ways I can see the label clearly, but if I come closer the label will be under my model. 


Is it possible to make my label always appear on top? 

Hello Karlo,

There are 2 Wikitude engines; the Wikitude 3D engine which renders 3D models and the Wikitude 2D engine for rendering all the 2D models, such as lables and images. If there is a 2D model that is positioned in the exact same location with a 3D model, then the 3D model will always be displayed on top of the 2D model. Therefore, the only solution for your problem would be to position the 2D model above the 3D model. 



The rendering order of 2D and 3D content is already available in the latest version of our SDK. Please download the updated version (SDK 6.1).?


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