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Image recognition without typing in the search box

Image recognition without typing in the search box

I've created three projects using Wikitude Studio, and I've published them in the Wikitude App.
I thought that the image recognition will work just by scanning the image, but it doesn?t, I have to type a search term in the search box, then select the project, and then I will be able to scan the photo.
Is there any way of getting the augmentation in the Wikitude app just by scanning the image, without typing any term in the search box?
My problem is that I've already printed some posters with the following instructions (I didn't know that I will have to type anything, I thought that scanning the image will be enough) and I would need to find a solution to be able to use them without printing them again:
   -Download the Wikitude App
   -Aim your mobile and scan the picture
   -Enjoy the video
Thanks in advance,

Hello Eva,

Unforunately there is no other way to do that but you can try and preview your app using Google App QR & Barcode Scanner. I believe that will be faster and maybe more convenient for your case.

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