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Possibility to load a world from within the device

Possibility to load a world from within the device

Hi François,
You should be able to load the Architect Worlds from the device file system without problems. You simply need to provide a valid file path to the ArchitectView load method. For that, please use the Java/ObjC APIs that we also use in our example applications (The ones that ship with our SDK package).

Did you also know that you can directly load Architect Worlds from a server? Maybe you then don't need to download them as .zip and extract them afterwards. This of course depends on your use case.

FYI: ade.js is not required. It's only for debug purposes on a desktop browser.

Best regards,



I'm currently working with Wikitude and i'm trying to do is :

I get a zipped world from a webservice, in xamarin i unzip it within the device. I work cross platform so the path where its saved are :

- /data/data/package-name/files/myfolder/world/ (Android)

- /var/mobile/Applications/package-name/Documents/../Library/myfolder/world/ (iOS)

the ade.js has been saved at ..../myfolder/ path

I have some difficulties to then load the world from those path, and i wondered if it was just possible as my code is correct

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