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Possibility to load a world from within the device

Possibility to load a world from within the device


I'm currently working with Wikitude and i'm trying to do is :

I get a zipped world from a webservice, in xamarin i unzip it within the device. I work cross platform so the path where its saved are :

- /data/data/package-name/files/myfolder/world/ (Android)

- /var/mobile/Applications/package-name/Documents/../Library/myfolder/world/ (iOS)

the ade.js has been saved at ..../myfolder/ path

I have some difficulties to then load the world from those path, and i wondered if it was just possible as my code is correct


Hi François,
You should be able to load the Architect Worlds from the device file system without problems. You simply need to provide a valid file path to the ArchitectView load method. For that, please use the Java/ObjC APIs that we also use in our example applications (The ones that ship with our SDK package).

Did you also know that you can directly load Architect Worlds from a server? Maybe you then don't need to download them as .zip and extract them afterwards. This of course depends on your use case.

FYI: ade.js is not required. It's only for debug purposes on a desktop browser.

Best regards,

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